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How we achieved 123% growth in organic traffic

with 65% increase in number of keywords ranking

Having a powerful digital presence is one of the most powerful assets any organization or business could have. It will not only help you get new customers but will also help you gain the trust of your current customer base, get noticed by your target audience, and establish your industry authority.

Being a renowned higher education institution, Chitkara University didn’t have a well-established online presence and was not getting discovered by its target audience on search engines.

Ranking high on search engines and getting discovered for your industry keywords is an important part of your online presence. To help Chitkara build a well-established online presence we offered them our SEO service and helped optimize their website and improve their search engine rankings.

Our aim was to help them:

1. Boost their website traffic.

2. Connect with Gen-Z with the help of YouTube SEO and Social Media SEO.

3. Improve their brand reputation and user trust online.

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